To all creditors of Oraamo Limited



04th March 2014



Dear Sir/Madam,



Oraamo Limited Company Registration Number: 07624560




As a director of the above company I hereby inform all known creditors that the company has ceased to trade.

Trading ceased as a result of the company's cash flow problems brought about by loss of trade and the poor economic climate.



After seeking independent advice regarding the company's financial position, the result of which is that the company is insolvent and steps should be taken to place the company into insolvent liquidation. Please note there are no assets owned by the company to cover the costs and expenses of a creditors' voluntary liquidation and therefore the company is unable to instigate the process.



In view of the above I shall be grateful if you will note your files accordingly in that no further goods or services will be ordered by the company and all employees have been made redundant as a result of the company's financial position and the cessation of trading.



It is acknowledged that creditors remain free to persue the company for amounts remaining outstanding to them, including enforcement action through the Court and the issue of a winding up petition to be presented to the company. To this end, I shall be obliged if creditors would consider issuing a winding up petition against the company at the earliest oppurtunity.



If there are backup files required for any services undertaken with Oraamo Ltd, please e-mail escalations@oraamo.com with your company name, contact name, contact number and files required. Please note there is no guarantee that backup files are available. If you wish to send a written letter, please send it to the mailing address below.





Yours faithfully,


Hasan Akbar




Mailing Address:


FAO: Oraamo Ltd

Suite 8,

Saturn Centre,

Challenge Way,



BB1 5QB.